Our Story

Once Upon a TimeIn the magical kingdom of Prom, a mother in Missouri tried to find a beautiful gown for her curvy teen-age daughter.  No matter how long and hard they looked, they never found the perfect dress.

The daughter cried.  That made her mother mad and sad.  So she did what mother’s do best.

She waved a magic wand.  Abracadabra!  A company catering just to plus size Prom dresses appeared. Now the daughter was happy.  So were thousands more plus size teens.  The mother earned the crown of  “The Fairy Godmother of Plus Size Dresses”.

Prom girls with curves clamored for the drop-dead gorgeous dresses sold only online.   They begged the company to create a collection of plus size Prom dresses sold exclusively in fine boutiques and dress shops.

They wanted to try on the styles and be fitted with the help of experts who knew all about professional alterations.

The fairy godmother listened carefully.  She pondered for a long time.  Then she did what she does best. She waved her magic wand and launched Tease Prom 2014 Collection.

Prom Princesses everywhere  loved the hot colors, sexy styles, dreamy ball gowns. (So did their Prince Charmings!)

Best of all, the girls could be pretty sure one else would show up at the dance wearing the same dress – a truly awkward fashion disaster!

The fairy godmother smiled. Tease Prom was a huge success.  So she went back to her drawing board in the castle tower and voila; she created  Tease Prom 2015 plus size Prom dresses. Confident of another winning collection,  she’s already working on 2016 Tease Prom dresses!


Caution: Counterfeit Cauldron!   The fairy godmother has very strict rules.  Tease Prom dresses can only be sold in stores.  She never allows them to be sold online.  No exceptions!

It’s perfectly okay to see a picture of a Tease Prom dress on the Internet but you cannot but it online.  In other words,  you cannot put it in a shopping cart on the Internet and have it shipped to you.

If you find someone actually selling what they claim is a Tease Prom design online stop shopping immediately. You most likely are buying a counterfeit dress from a factory in China.  How can we be sure?  Only Authorized Retailers listed on our store locator carry the authentic Tease Prom designs.

Don’t risk loosing your hard-earned money.  You may never get the dress.  Or you could end up with a shoddy fake rag sewn in China with cheap fabric, crummy sewing and a poor fit so that  you can’t even wear – except to a costume party.  Either way, you face a long, hard time getting your money back.

Unsure if the website features an authentic Tease Prom dress?   Contact us by email or phone. We PROM-ise to help you verify the design.